For the couple wishing to take the next step, wedding preparations usually start by drafting down a guest list. Often times, a guest list is composed of family, friends, office mates and special individuals the couple would like to celebrate the start of their married life with. Thus, once finalized, the next step would often be to send out invitations to these people to inform them of the details of the big day.

However, wedding invitations are not only sent out to inform. They also give the guests a glimpse of what is to come. In a way, it becomes a teaser for the wedding, enticing loved ones to join the couple as they celebrate another milestone in their journey. Plus, if done right, wedding invitations can also help guest understand the couple even more.

If you are preparing for your own wedding yourself, here are 3 unique ways you can personalize your wedding invitations:

1. Make it Visual.

Couples who opt to have pre-nuptial photoshoots in preparation for their big day can also use the photographs taken in their wedding invitations. Though, ideally formal in nature, more and more couples are now personalizing wedding invitations by adding their pictures. A great way to further customizing this would be to take pre-nuptial photos in line with the theme or color scheme of the wedding day.

If you’re the type of couple that’s more cyber inclined, another option would also be to shoot a “save the date” video and have a link or the video itself be included in your email invitation. Similar to adding photographs in hard copies of the invitation, a “save the date” video can be a great way to share what’s to come to guests by adding elements of the theme of the wedding or its color scheme. In addition, you can also talk about or show in the video how it all started, from your first date down to your engagement.

2. Add a Handwritten Note.

Although not ideal for very large weddings with an equally long guest list, nothing says personalized like a handwritten note to be added to your invitation. Adding your own little note with your penmanship not only adds your own flair to the invite, but also conveys to your guests that you invested time and effort to entice them to join you on your wedding. If small notes are not your thing, you can also consider writing down addresses on the envelope instead of having them printed.

3. Incorporate it to your Program.

Another way to make your wedding invitations more special is by incorporating it to your wedding program! If you’re looking forward to celebrating your wedding by having a lot of games like raffles, customize your wedding invite in such a way that it’s also a raffle stub. Maybe you’d like to make your guest dance to their favorite songs too during the party. If that’s the case, you can send out little cards asking them to write it down and give it to the DJ or the band once they arrive.

However, you’d like to customize your wedding invitations, TEMPLATES AND VECTORS is here for you. Our digital product line of printable templates allows you to edit the wording, color and print from your own home to ensure that your personalized invitations match your own style and vision as a couple.

May 15, 2020 — Glaiza Legaspi

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