Prior to choosing the right supplier for your wedding invitations and looking at countless wedding invitation samples, the first step every bride and groom-to-be should look into would be their guest list. After all, the guest list would be the basis for a lot of factors during the wedding. This may include the venue, the theme and of course, the budget!

The task of sitting down and creating a guest list may seem daunting for couples planning their wedding day. Though most know that it is impossible to add everyone they would like, here are three things to remember while creating your guest list:

1. Take Note of Your Budget and Venue Size

Nowadays, most couples are opting to pay for their wedding on their own and though this may seem a great way to ensure that their parents are not burdened by the financial intricacies, it also means that the bride and groom have to work on a limited budget. In addition, the chosen venue might only be comfortable for a certain number of guests and having more people than what is recommended might not be conducive to a great reception.

The best way to go about it as a couple is, to be honest about the number of guests you should invite that would fit your budget and in your venue comfortably. From there, you can come up with names as to who you feel should be included in your list.

2. Consider Plus Ones and Children

With a list of family, friends and, co-workers finalized, don’t forget to consider possible plus ones and children as to ensure that you do not get surprised on your big day and go over your headcount. Talk to your partner and decide equally if you wish for your single friends and relatives to have a date during your big day. If not, then it would be best to level their expectations and not add the plus one in their invitation.

In addition, make sure to decide early on if children will be allowed during your wedding. Most couples now prefer an adult-only wedding celebration and there’s nothing wrong with asking your guests to leave the kids at home for one night.

3. Create an A and B List

Though you have a specific number in mind based on your RSVP, brides and grooms should remember that it may be prone to change given some last minute cancellations and wedding guest add-ons.  To help in this process, some couples employ an A and B list strategy in creating their wedding guest list.

The A-list is for those guests that are a priority to be invited for the wedding and are usually sent the invitation months beforehand. Meanwhile, the B-list is for guests equally as important, but not necessarily a priority to be invited. If the couple finds out that some of the names from the A-list won’t be able to make it, that’s when they send out invitations from their B-list weeks prior to the wedding.

May 15, 2020 — Glaiza Legaspi

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